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Hello there fellow human!

Thank you for making it to this page. My name is Carolina Gawronski and I am the founder of this little idea, and what follows is a little bit more about why I started it.


Like the true nerd I am, I very much enjoy bullet points. So here are 3 summarising the journey to No Small Talk:

1. Growing up in a family in media and politics, since a young age I attended plenty of glamorous events. These were supposed to be THE events to be at: the most glamorous, the most “exclusive”, the top of the top. Yet, they were sooo boring. The conversation left me empty. I came back home drained - not elevated, amped, illuminated. I left feeling disconnected. Yes, the locations were wow. The food was great. But what about the most important thing - human interaction? Where was that?


2. At 19 I started working as a journalist, working for Vogue, L’Officiel, Purple, amongst others. In this role I had to interview and talk to a lot of different people, and I experienced first hand the power of a good question. I learned how certain questions could elicit the most wonderful memorable conversations, whilst others not so much. And I wondered: how can we bring this super power to more people?


3. Finally, after immersing myself in the world of human behavioural sciences, I realised that there was a better way to gather. To use our time socialising meaningfully.

After working in the corporate world (for the largest luxury conglomerate, LVMH) project managing 7 figures marketing campaigns involving many stakeholders, and spending some time in the start up space (where I hired and managed a large team) I took the leap and launched No Small Talk. 

Now that you know me a little bit better, I hope I also get to know to know you a little bit more soon.

Perhaps in one of the upcoming No Small Talk events,

Or maybe, over an event for your business.

Or more imminently online - on my instagram.


Either way, I’m looking forward to meeting you.  

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