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  • Is No Small Talk a dating or networking event?
    Nope. Consider this a dinner - like at any dinner, things can happen - i.e. you may meet new friends, or meet your future co-founder or life partner. The future holds the answer.
  • What should I expect from a No Small Talk dinner experience?
    This page should give you more information about how a No Small Talk dinner experience works. Whilst here you will find what previous guests thought about their experience. If your question is not answered, please feel free to email us, we are a very friendly bunch.
  • I am not sure I can “no small talk”. Can I still attend?
    Don't worry. If you have the curiosity to attend, that's all we need. Also, don't worry about being able to ask creative questions - we have help at our dinner experiences. Basically, we don't expect you to do any work. We just ask you to show up with an open mind and ready for an exciting evening. You can check out what previous guest thought of their experience here.
  • Will I be “matched” with specific people?
    Yes. We use your video questionnaires, human behavioural science and a little bit of magic to create impeccable seating arrangements. This is to make sure the group's dynamic is spot on. Not to brag (but to brag) we are famous for the best seating arrangements ever. Please note, this is not a single only event. We have single guests, married guests, divorcees, throuples, celibates, all attending our experiences. Consider this a dinner - like at any dinner, things can happen - i.e. you meet new friends, or meet your future co-founder, or, life partner. The future holds the answer.
  • Can I show up late?
    As No Small Talk is a shared experience beginning at the same time for everyone, please arrive on time, as we are unable to accommodate late arrivals.
  • Can I come alone?
    Absolutely! 60% of guests show up solo. No sweat - we are almost (almost) obnoxiously friendly; human labradors of some sort. So, you are in very good hands.
  • What should I wear & bring?
    Wear: Whatever makes you feel comfortable. Your pyjama. Your grandma’s wedding dress. Your favourite football team jersey. Your birthday suit. Bring: An open mind. Good vibes. No judgment. Yay! You may also want to read our Modus Operandi for more info.
  • When is the next No Small Talk dinner experience?
    To find out please sign up to the newsletter. Don't worry. We are far too lazy to spam you.
  • Can I book last minute?
    We close all bookings as soon as the experience is sold out, or latest 24-48 hours before the experience. Because of the extensive work we do on seating (placement), most times we won't be able to accommodate last minute bookings, so please plan and book in advance.
  • What if I book and can't make it?
    Not showing up - without letting us know in advance - ruins the experience for everyone, because of our very extensive work on seating (placement), thus your absence is felt. Therefore, PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU CAN'T MAKE IT in due time, so we can re-arrange the table's placement. Note: Whilst we know s*it can happen, repeated offenders will be banned, persecuted, and voodoo dolls will be made. LOL.
  • Can I bring a +1?
    To bring a +1 (or +2, or +3 etc.) please book them a ticket. If we are sold out, your +1 can enter our waiting list – find more info under the “Waiting List” tab.
  • Are your tickets refundable?
    If you let us know 14 days in advance, we will be able to refund you (the payment platform you used may retain a small fee, depending on what card you used). If you can't make it closer to time we still ask you to let us know. This is because of the very extensive work we do on seating (placement), which means your absence will be felt.
  • Can I book No Small Talk as a surprise for a friend?
    Yes, however please note when you book for a friend, we need their email address; as we start communicating with your friend within 24 hours of booking, you will want to let them know about the surprise.
  • How does the waiting list work?
    When we sell out of experiences, which normally happens very quickly -excuse the slight show off- for all our experiences, we open a first come, first served waiting list. To join a waiting list, please email us at; we will send you a link to book and pay your waiting list spot. If a space becomes available, we will let you know at the very least 24 hours before dinner (but we aim to tell you much earlier.) If no space becomes available, we will refund you the ticket 24 hours after dinner. Please note you will be added to the waiting list the moment you book and pay your spot, first come first served - and not when you contact us over email.
  • I am on the waiting list. What are the chances of me joining?
    This depends on the event you are on the waiting list for, and which position are you on the waiting list. You can always email us to ask us a (rough) percentage on likelihood that we will have a space for you. We always try our best to accommodate everyone so bear with us :)
  • Can I hire you?
    Yes! We work with business and on private events too. More info can be found here or alternatively you may also email us to arrange a call.
  • What's the story of No Small Talk?
    Here you can find a little more info.
  • What’s your Modus Operandi?
    The No Small Talk Modus Operandi is a list of principles, ideas, attitudes which the NST community strive to embrace at our dinner experiences - and beyond. Have a read here
  • I am a journalist and would like to feature No Small Talk. Who do I talk to?
    Hello media friend, thank you for your interest. Please email with your request.
  • What happened to the Invitation Code?
    For our post-pandemic re-launch, we have decided to - at least temporarily - remove the invitation code. We might re-introduce it in the future, in which case your old existing one will still be valid.
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