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Hi, I am Carolina, and I am the founder of

No Small Talk.

If i were to summarise what brought me to create No Small Talk it will probably be boiled down to 3 things...

Modus Operandi


The No Small Talk Modus Operandi is a list of principles & attitudes which

the NST community embraces at our dinner experiences - and beyond.

In short, this is the attitude we all ask you to bring (pretty please) to

our dinner experiences:

  • Take responsibility for the energy you carry - and the effect it has on others.

  • Don’t judge; what you think of others says more about you, than them.

  • Kindness is sexy. 

  • Bring your honest self. Everyone else is already taken. 

  • Vulnerability is the birthplace of anything worth remembering. 

  • Keep a curious and open mind

  • Shhhhh! What is said at NST, stays at NST.

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